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Reddy Ice Admin Tool

Extra Information

Reddy Ice processes all tickets into the CRM system and ensuring the customer’s needs are met. The main piece is to close the loop between the customers and provide regular feedback. All inbound calls need to be documented thoroughly in the system, resolution must be documented and the ticket resolved. The system will automatically close out an ice request ticket once an invoice is generated in the system. The invoice date is the actual delivery date, so we can have the system match the CRM ticket with the actual delivery date in order to close out the request.

For service, this is currently set up as a manual process. This said, we have several projects going on right now to streamline and automate the service components and capture the data need in order to better service the customer. Any tickets open without resolution will need to be addressed by the team and follow up is required.

The current process is to send the notification via email to the distribution list established by the business. The person on call or managing the area will either close out the service request once they get back to the office or they will send a message back to the customer service team, so the ticket can be closed.