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Software Testing

Kris Incorp has a dedicated testing division,  specializing in minimizing the risks,  increasing productivity and extending strategic advantage to our global clients through state-of-the-art software testing practices.  Software applications are backbones of business hence quality becomes one of the key differentiators in success or failure of the software.  Our engineers are well-equipped to handle both manual & automated testing based on test plans using state-of-the-art software testing tools.

Our extensive methodology includes the following phases:

Requirement analysis: Involves establishing testing processes and software environments in which software testing can be performed.

Design analysis: Involves determining the aspects of the design that can be tested and the parameters to be used by the concerned engineers.

Test planning: Involves preparing the test strategy,  test plans, and test beds.

Test development: Involves designing the test procedures, test scenarios and test cases.

Test execution: Involves executing the software based on the test plans and test cases.

Test reporting: Involves generating metrics and making final reports on their test results.

Re-testing defects: Involves testing the software again after the developers have fixed the bugs.

Our QA/Testing methodology enables us to take complete ownership of testing engagements bringing on board not just technical expertise but also sound management practices.  The methodology,  evolved over a period of time is streamlined and measurable.

The test methodology can be customer specified and tailor made to ensure that processes comply with the client’s requirements and extend maximum benefits in terms of productivity and cost savings.

Our teams work seamlessly with the client’s development team from project initiation to ensure that quality is not just tested into the product,  but built into it. Our team are the helping hands that ensure that the software we test,  works the way it was specified!

we ensure error free and quality product to our customer, proven software testing through Agile scrum methodologies , our test engineers battle the bug out the product.  Our systems go into production faster and with fewer problems.   To guarantee its readiness,  we perform quality assurance test monitoring, analyze software application functions,   and verify the accuracy of test results.

Our expertise includes

  • Capture and Analysis of Requirements
  •  Test Planning
  • Test Case Design & Traceability Matrix
  •  Test Execution
  •  Defect Tracking and Management
  •  Reporting
  •  Test Metrics
  •  Test Stability Analysis Coverage
  •  third party verification and validation services

Quality test phases include

  • Functionality Testing
  • Integrated System Testing
  • Usability Testing
  •  Compatibility Testing
  •  User Acceptance Testing
  •  Memory leakage Testing
  •  Automation Testing

Automation Testing

Used to test the application load performance and stress point of view,  It increases test coverage Improve accuracy Execute repeated tests/regression test cases Execute test with repetitive.  Test the same feature with different data steps.  Tests validating the business process.  Test large number of test case in short period.

Automation Tools
  • Functional & Regression Testing tool
  • QTP 11, UFT 12.0, Selenium IDE
  • Selenium web driver
Test management/Defect tracking testing tool:
  • Bugzilla and Spreadsheet
Performance testing tools
  • J-Meter

Mobile Application testing

Mobile application testing is the first thing every app should undergo before they become available to the end user.  Our Mobile app testers have to test functionality,  usability and consistency of the app across wide range of handheld devices and models,  wireless carriers,  OS,  browsers and location.

Needs for Mobile Testing
  • Check the basic user experience & navigations
  • Application stability on functionality, reliability and user friendly
  • Performance of the application
  • Install / remove android applications properly in Phone / External memory