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“Legacy to State of the Art. Consistently some of the best Enterprise Software Developers, both Mobile and Enterprise that I have worked with over the years. A culture of excellence and performance is clearly evident in everything that Kris Incorp does. Their custom created mobile delivery and service applications and dashboards plus automations interfaced with Cloud and Premise gave Reddy Ice state of the art foundational tools for improving service, delivery and more.”

Steve Janusek CFO, ReddyIce

"After working alongside Sean Diddy Combs for well over 10 years.  I have learned that true success comes from doing more then what is required of you and going that extra mile for your customers.  Kris Incorp has definitely went the extra mile in guiding me with my first App development project.  I'm Looking forward to working with them for years to come..."

Jack Knight Chief Creative Officer, Demo Stream

"Kris has both a wide and in-depth-boots-on-the-ground-knowledge of current and legacy technology.  He deploys this unique constellation of knowledge in designing information processes that enable users to maximize their productive and raise their company’s profits.

What truly set Kris apart is his expertise in communicating with both upper management and IT.  He speaks both the language of strategic planning and IT.  With Kris in charge, these two crucial worlds seamlessly come together to make a greater whole."

Charlotte Graham Executive, 360 Speaking LLC

"GAT Software Innovations, Inc has worked with KRIS INCORP for over 5 years.  I'm the CEO for GAT Software Innovations, Inc. and Kris Chenniah's the CEO of KRIS INCORP.

Within the 5 years of our corporations working together, we have provided solutions which included mobile app development, system integrations between Microsoft, IBM, Android and other platforms that required data to run processes of large entities in the U.S. which includes Oil and Gas, Retail, Government platforms and the Entertainment Industry(Music).

Kris and I have a relationship that goes way back prior to our companies being formed.  We have worked together in many industries to automate successful processes across the U.S. Our mentality is to get the processes done with minimal impact to systems through stringent testing using best practices in the I.T. Industry.  We review different methodologies for minimum impact on new projects and implement quickly.

I would recommend KRIS INCORP to anyone that's looking for an opportunity in the I.T. sector."

Gabe Terrell CEO, GAT Software Innovations

"I have known and worked with Kris Babu Chennaiah since Feb-1999, the founder of KRIS INCORP.  While at IBM I contracted Kris as a member of my project team and he was subsequently hired by my client as a result of his quality of work.  Even as a young programmer Kris's perspective was always that of one who runs a business and was a precursor to KRIS INCORP.  In 2009, I watched when KRIS INCORP was born as a part-time venture and has thrived and grown to the company it is today.

Quality and timeliness of results as well as insistence on not accepting projects that jeopardize the quality of services provided by KRIS INCORP has enabled continued success and considerable managed growth.  Honesty and straight-talk are also trademarks of KRIS INCORP which has resulted in a business being based on referrals to-date.

During a 29 year career at IBM and the past 10 years in semi-retirement, Lloyd (Butch) Keaser provided technical, marketing and implementation support for a broad range of business solutions for cross-industry clients."

Lloyd W. Keaser (Butch) Attain Inc

"KRISINCORP did an excellent job creating a website for my company, their staff members took the time to listen to the requirements, they formulated recommendations and presented a prototype. We met regularly and they were able to help us come up with a great final product, we provided feedback along with changes and the staff members at KRISINCORP were able to make the changes a reality. I am happy with the final product, most importantly with the level of services and support that I received from hem throughout the entire process.
The traffic on the website continues to increase. I believe the changes and the content we are developing is adding value to the visitors and is starting to become a resource for many in the space."

Ivan Gomez President and Founder, NextStage, LLC.