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About Us


As a global provider of IT solutions and technical services, Kris Incorp aims to drive ingenuity by uniting business with IT for profitability. Above all things, we emphasize your business’s growth, long-term interests, and key competencies at the core of our practice. With your goals and interests in mind, we deliver expertly crafted, customized and sustainable solutions to bring control at your fingertips.


We envision a world where IT is organically infused in the business to transcend the user experience. We leverage our values and interactions among employees, customers and stakeholders to enable technical clarity, introduce new functionality and build trust.

krisn incorp values

We are committed to delivering technological solutions that are emerging, dependable and follow industry best practices. We believe the business is only as effective as its customers degree of satisfaction. Together with our expertise and intuition for enhancing the customer experience, we pride ourselves in supporting your long-term business growth.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other purportedly one-stop technical services providers, we at Kris Incorp take the time to understand the delicate and complex nature of your business’s strategic objectives, and view them as paramount to our practice. We therefore begin each engagement with confirming our understanding of the intricate nature of your business and future prospects, so we may deliver creative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that benefit your entire business model to include your employees, customers and the environment in which you operate.

Kris Incorp has a dedicated team of seasoned professionals who are expertly qualified in the art of customized and sustainable IT operations to offer you a differentiated advantage among a wide range of technical solutions, including but not limited to:

  • GUI Designing: Websites, applications, landing page
  • Development: PHP, ASP.Net, MySQL, MSSQL Server
  • Mobile Developments: Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile
  • Marketing: SEO, SEM, SMO, content development
  • Database Solutions
  • Outsourcing Services (Onsite, Nearshore, Offshore)

Our approach emphasizes transparency in our dealings with clients so that we may achieve trusting relationships. Together with our deep knowledge and application of industry best practices, configuration management, and requisite tools and techniques, our firm is best fitted to supporting your business’s strategy execution.