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Taylor-Wharton International

Extra Information

Taylor-Wharton International (TWI) is a company having many divisions all over US and many customers worldwide.  Our systems were used internally by TWI and externally by Customers all over the world.  TWI was pioneer in all industry sectors with all sizes of organization to select the right joining techniques and materials.  It has been able to offer technical input with knowledge,  practical trials and prototyping.

We developed and maintained following Web Application and Website:

Document Manager was a repository system, which stores all the mandatory documents pertinent across the supply chain (including Purchase Order, Manuals, Engineering, Testing, and Shipping). It streamlines the process of readily available documents online when the customer needs and immensely reduces the expense spent on shipping the mandatory documents manually from vendors to the customers. This system was a highly secured internal system, which restricts unauthorized login and authenticates each user credentials against the current system.
Development Environment: .Net, SQL Server 2008 and Windows XP

Web Content Management System was designed to allow the Business Users to publish and modify content (customize images, videos, and blogs) for product related information without much IT interaction and manage their workflow (including approvals and deployments).  The CMS (Content Management System) is a subsidiary system for TWI to club and display all its division’s products and services. In other words, it is a central interface to present TWI divisions and its products, the business users can develop their own pages.  It not only allows users to provide information on each products, but also creates user-friendly interface, leading to better user experience and enables to promote the TWI products at ease.
Development Environment: C#, SQL Server, DNN