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Reddy Ice DSD Mobile Application

Extra Information

We developed a Mobile application and Admin dashboard for Reddy Ice. The Mobile App was developed in android (based on configuration using Samsung Galaxy Note 3). This App will allow users (Drivers) to view the list orders/products to be delivered to customers (manage sales orders, customer prices, and payment details).

In addition, the invoices/reports are design to print using a blue tooth printer. All the transactions data from Mobile is communicated via web services into Database. Through Admin dashboard (web-portal), Reddy Ice management are able to track their delivery routes throughout the day, track inventory on each truck, and improve customer service.

In Summary, we are able to focus on defining the specific concerns of Reddy Ice. Our tools (mobile and web) provide businesses with significant savings in both time and cost. After incorporating our tools, Reddy Ice have been able to achieve new levels of success.