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Legacy System Integration

IT Legacy Systems have been performing critical operations in many enterprises for decades. Their software and hardware components are reliable and keep receiving upgrades from vendors. High-risk factors for the Legacy Systems include new disruptive technologies, expensive maintenance, and the retirement of main development resources. Organizations have to find ways to generate Just-in-Time reports, process field data, or connect to third-party API.

However, most Legacy Systems lack the compatibility, and new components might break the whole structure apart. Business needs of the organizations have changed from the time those systems were created. It is important to perform the inventory of all the functionality and identify the processes that are still relevant.  Only such processes and applications are then integrated.

Legacy Systems Integration Services

Integration services keep the essential system intact and allow to use modern applications. Enterprises can evolve, expand, and take advantage of new functionality without costly re-engineering. KRIS INCORP has the experience to help you choose the right legacy integration tools to leverage present-day technologies.

Our team has executed several large projects that use industries best practices and SDLC.  We ensured smooth integration across a variety of platforms (iSeries, Windows, Linux & UNIX) and various databases including DB2, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Competitive Advantages

Our competitive advantages include:

  • Design & development of complex Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based applications
  • Implementation of 3-tier application architecture
  • System analysis of database entity relationships
  • In-house tools for project and process management

We helped our customers reduce support costs, improve reliability, availability, and performance of the infrastructure, databases, operations, applications, and interfaces of Legacy Systems. Our Technical Support team has tremendous skills in organizing 24×7 technical support functions effectively and efficiently. We will answer your requests by our Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 technical support process, and follow escalation procedures.

Legacy Systems - Maintenance and Support functions

  • Production Support/Maintenance
  •  Incident Management
  •  Root-cause analysis (RCA)
  •  Enhancements of existing application
  •  Testing (Unit/Integration/BUAT)
  •  Release Management
  •  Documentation Management

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